Haga Cliq Aquí


I am Puerto Rican and I grew up speaking both English and Spanish in the home and just English everywhere else. My parents were bilingual. My Mom studied to be a nurse and my Dad was a street “tough” who was saved by my Mom. She always loves to tell the tale of how she got my Dad to stop smoking and drinking (okay, drinking was only moderated ,but still). Since my wife is of Eastern European descent we all speak English in my household. Yes, yes I know we robbed our kids of being bilingual. It wasn’t my fault really, I tried. Circumstances were against me. Topic for another post.

The point of all this is that my Spanish has become rusty and unlike language, my Spanish hasn’t evolved. So when I see new phrases mandated by current realities I get a little jolt. It’s a happy jolt as I like discovering new things (as everyone should). I was studying the new Washington Post/Univision poll on the Hispanic Electorate 2016. When I scrolled to the top I saw this hyperlink phrase; “Haga clic aquí para leer esta encuesta en español.” Haga clic, really? How does one say click in Spanish? Let me go to the handy web English to Spanish translator and… What do you know? Click translates to “hacer clic en.” That sounds weird to me. Okay I guess that is it then. Next time I need to hyperlink some text I am going to write next to it “Haga Clic”. That’s fun.

Speaking of the new Hispanic Electorate 2016 poll (haga clic) it looks like most hispanics really don’t like Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz (mirrors my feelings exactly) and just barely tolerate Marco Rubio. Forget Carson and Kasich, a significant part of the hispanic electorate don’t even know who he is! In the case of the Democratic party, 57% of Hispanics favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders (28%). I wonder how many Hispanics would vote for a Clinton/Sanders ticket?

Hispanics are 17% of the US populations (haga clic). That’s almost a fifth of the population! That is a lot of voting power. While we are a complex and multifaceted demographic, we are similar enough to know that a significant part wants to see a democrat in the White House come 2017. Obviously the Democrats would be wise to put a voter registration drive in place aimed at Latinos. Speak to us as people and not just as a means to the White House and we will get you there!

Haga clic!

Haga Cliq Aquí