Bern Cream

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News

As a citizen of the U.S. I am struggling to decide who I will vote for in the coming election. Like Obama, Bernie Sanders has lofty ideas about social change and overcoming Capitalism’s darker side. But, just like President Obama, I worry that his -none too well though out- agenda will be easily obstructed by self interested Republicans.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has a mind blowing resume and becoming the first female U.S. President in history has nothing but good to it! She is too politically savvy to have her agenda easily obstructed.  But she also has a lot of political baggage, unfairly, not only hers, but her husband’s too. Her past mistakes are magnified by the media. Like many smart politicians her views evolve.

On the one hand you have an extraordinary politician with extensive experience in politics and world affairs (which is what I would want from a President) but whose vision does not quite reach the loftiness or revolutionary ideals of Sanders. On the other hand Bernie’s vision is probably not obtainable given the present realities of America.

What I would love to see is a Clinton/Sanders ticket. Think about it. Two extraordinary people with grand ambitions for our Country and it’s citizens. President Clinton with the knowledge and experience to get things done and Vice President Sanders, the moral compass to nudge her further along in the right direction for America and it’s citizens. Sanders would be a salve to Clinton’s elitism and political machinations. A bern cream if you will (okay, yes I went there).

Regardless of what the out come is in November it is our duty as people living and working in this country of ours to make our voices heard. We will protest when we need to and we will praise and cheer when the policies coming out of Washington are of benefit to all and not just the 1 percent. But most importantly of all we will vote. It’s the only way to get a human in the White House and not a Trump or Cruz (he is not really Spanish, is he?).

Bern Cream