A Walk In The Park

In case you didn’t know, I am a photographer by profession. I photograph art and cultural heritage objects for Museums and libraries and such. I also photograph to be creative and as a way of meditating and being in the world. Currently I am setting out on a project to photograph the U.S. (or parts of it) through the lens of the Puerto Rican diaspora. When I am really feeling in a quiet contemplative mood, which is often, I walk in the woods and parks and photograph. The result is a book I just published via Blurb called, A Walk In The Park.

Lest you think it unmanly to take pictures of flowers and trees, no less than that hard boiled detective writer, Raymond Carver said:

I dressed and went for a walk – determined not to return until I took in what Nature had to offer.

Pretty hard boiled if you ask me!

A Walk In The Park

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