Three Kings Day, January 6, 2016 – 106th Street, NYC

I am surprised to see you here. In fact I would be surprised to see anyone here.    You must have arrived on this island by some serendipitous route. This blog only exists so that I can post thoughts and images, sort of like a journal, in a place where I could get to it anywhere on numerous devices.

Since you are here you should know that this is a very idiosyncratic place reflecting the mind of it’s curator. The curator is a photographer, who isn’t these days? But I get paid to make photographs. I am middle aged  (already over my midlife crisis) interested in cosmology, literature, the Puerto Rican Diaspora (my people) and the current state of this crazy country called The U-S-of A. Oh yeah, and also my two wonderful kids.

By the way, fugacity is the quality of being fleeting. Just like thoughts and our very existence.

You’re already here so enjoy.


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